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Get dark instantly while sunbathing, with our “Las Vegas Best” award winning Dark Tanning Accelerator Oil. An advanced combination of Cannabis CBD and rare botanicals combined to soothe, soften and moisturise your skin. This also flattens down skin cells for optimal UV absorption. Vitamins A & E are included to deeply moisturise and rejuvenate. Directions: For fun and bronzing under the sun results, apply generously and evenly to exposed skin, for the ultimate sun tenoning bronzed glow. Reapply often.

INCI: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) butter, Tocopherol, Aloe barbadenis (Aloe Vera) Extract, Cannabidiol, Essential oil – mix – Limonene, Thymus Vulgaris leaf oil, Mellisa officialis leaf oil, Geraniol, Lactobacillus Plantarum


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